Menagerie de Mythique: A Mythical Creature Anthology

A unicorn gallops through an enchanted forest, its mane billowing white against the purple blue background.“Even magnified they were tiny, almost comical, digging their tunnels in the soil and roaring silently whenever they encountered each other, baring mouths filled with sharp, feline fangs.”


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Shades of Santa – Charity Anthology

51zBFnDHm-L._SX384_BO1204203200_I called out into the falling snow as I rounded the corner of the bottom field – the one nearest the house where the carcass of the original Victorian farmhouse still stood in one corner, just broken walls now as if it had already been picked over for carrion.

Snow Drifts

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Phantaxis Issue 7 Out Now

The order from the prison engineer came through three days after she spoke to me. A limited exploratory dismantlement would be carried out before the end of the week to establish the exact extent of my inadequacy, followed by a small circuit insertion at the earliest opportunity. Of course, it carried an associated risk, but even if I wanted to object I had no choice.”

–Eugene Campbell Mk2

Phantaxis is a quarterly science fiction and fantasy magazine with both e-book and print editions, and issue 7features my sci-fi steampunk robot prison story, “My Name Is Eugene, And I Have Malfunctioned”.

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