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Huitzilopochtli, God Of Human Sacrifice My Name Is Eugene, And I Have Malfunctioned
Pirates and Ghosts Short Stories (Hardback Edition) Phantaxis November 2017
The Dreamer (dark poem) Order From Chaos
Bete Noire Issue #18 Mad Scientist Journal Winter 2015

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Wanted: Research Assistant Rose Wing
Mad Scientist Journal Summer 2013 Mental Ward: Echoes of the Past

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Spoiled (credited as Nicolas Rose)
Sirens Call Ezine, Issue 29, October 2016
Sirens Call Issue 29 (October 2016)
The Worms Turn Time Out (credited as Nicola S. Heighton)
Sirens Call Ezine, Issue 26, April 2016 Metro Moms Network
Sirens Call Issue 26 Busy Road Crossing
Off The Rails (credited as Nicola S. Heighton) The Mysterious Disappearance of Jim Ramsbottom
Metro Moms Network Sirens Call Ezine, Issue 10, August 2013
Steam Locomotive Sirens Call Issue 10